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I want this written across my ceiling.

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Good question.





why cant more people realize this?


 “They didn’t expect to see a Muslim girl box. It’s like, oh my god, a woman’s doing something. She’s not staying at home and just being a housewife,” says Ambreen Sadiq, one of Britain’s first Muslim female boxers.

Throughout her boxing journey, the 20-year-old former UK champion has faced serious prejudice from the British Muslim community, her neighbors, her school friends and even some members of her family. She says she has been bullied in school and even received death threats after her sister made her a Facebook fan page. Though she is disappointed at the lack of support from the Muslim and Asian community in the UK, Sadiq remains undeterred and continues to box.

“Anything that you do, there are going to be people that are negative and don’t like it. You have to decide: do you want to do what you love, or do you want to please other people? Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dream no matter who it is,” she says in a recent interview with the Telegraph.




Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this video.

"Don’t you give me raw meat and tell me it is nourishment. I know a slaughterhouse when I see one."

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Wine 101 

  1. How-to Choose
  2. How-to Pair w/Food
  3. Using The Right Glass Shows You Have Class 
  4. Basic Types of Wine
  5. Expanded typing of Wines
  6. What Temp For EachType of Wine
  7. Knowing Your Wine Colors
  8. Wine Type Descriptions
  9. Caloric Comparison vs. Beer
  10. Coffees  

A friend once told me (while discussing wines & spirits) to learn about coffees too… " Because you’ll eventually need them, if / when you enjoy too much good spirits."

Infographics: Wine Folleys, Primer Magazine, and Chicago Food Magazine.

How to be an Adult 201

i’m a trog…I just go with what I think tastes good.

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Now, I am 28 years old, and I would be lying if I said I am done growing. Self-love is a long and arduous road, but it is beautiful one, I promise. I don’t pretend to know it all. Everyone is on a unique path, and I am by no means claiming I have the antidote to depression. But I do know this:

There isn’t a day I don’t wake up and physically have to decide that I am more good than I am bad.

This is not a chore; this is a gift.

My mother once told me something I will never forget: “When you have a negative thought about yourself, imagine yourself as a baby. A source of awe and wonder. Joyful, blameless, full of love. This is who you are at all times, Sierra. This is your true self.”


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this pic is crucial

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Drew Barrymore was such a babe in the 90s

Omg love😍

she’s such a babe all the damn time 

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"Lust is Saturday night; love is Sunday morning."

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Hands by Mojo Wang

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